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Braavoll Peace Park wants to shine some light on the esteemed intrinsic properties which all religions, including humanism, share; these being the fundamental values which are cornerstones for human beings existence and development – such as unity in diversity, righteousness, equality, respect, acceptance, love and so much more.

The purpose of the Peace Park is to create a spiritual space in time, where visitors can pursue inner peace whilst experiencing the true beauty that lies behind all religions. Here visitors can come to experience and then understand the principals which underlie interpersonal peace and the importance of being in harmony with nature. The park will highlight aspects of peace from many faiths and religions within the same area.

The park's development will be founded by the people which at any time wish to be of help, be it with practical work, expertise in various fields or economically. 


Invitation to dugnad Saturday 16th March 2013

Braavoll Peace Park would like to invite you to dugnad from 12:00 to 15:00 and everyone are welcome!

We are aiming to clear a new area and will in this process cut down a couple of trees - this means that you might be able to bring some firewood home with you after the dugnad.

For us to plan ahead, we would appreciate that you announce your participation - you can do this by calling or sending a text to Jostein on (+47) 90068470.

Application regarding reassignment of land use

The municipal plan for the period 2011 -2021 is this autumn under revision, which is why we have submitted an application for reassignment of 20 acres, now classified as 'LNF - Core Area Agriculture'.

It is very important that we are included in the plan so that the development of the park is not hindered.




Don't know what the word 'dugnad' means? Well, just to set the scene for this post, this is what wikipedia has to say about the matter: "Dugnad is a Norwegian term for voluntary work done together with other people. In a tradition similar to that of barn raising, community members meet to help an individual, or club members meet to build a clubhouse or get necessary jobs done for a family in need.Participation in a dugnad is often followed by a common meal, served by the host.

Dugnad activity in Norway has been reduced in recent years as a result of structural individualism. Some social groups attend to the tradition. In urban areas, the dugnad is most commonly identified with outdoor spring cleaning and gardening in housing co-operatives. Dugnader occur more widely in remote and rural areas. Neighbours sometimes participate during house or garage building, and organizations may arrange annual dugnader. The dugnad is similar to the talkoot in Finland."

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European Leadership Conference (ELC) :Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future

On the 21st of September 2012 the UN's International Day of Peace was marked with a two-day conference in Oslo, and two representatives from Braavoll Peace Park attended this conference.

For the fifth year in a row has the Universal Peace Federation's (UPF) norwegian branch, together with Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) marked the International Day of Peace. This year's event was in the form of a two-day European management conference - European Leadership Conference (ELC), and the UN's theme for the conference was; Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future.

Sustainable peace or lasting peace, require a number of criteria, and the intention of the conference was to highlight some of them. Through sessions with widely varying themes and several speakers, many important issues were presented and commented.

A wonderful conference with a high and broad competence level among the presenters.

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Break in at the East Gate

Sometime during week 36 the newly bought fireplace got stolen from our Welcome House (The East Gate). This was a free standing fireplace of the sort "Paris Öppen Spis" in glass and high shine steel mounted on a walnut base.

In addition to this we are also missing 6 outdoor torches.

As we wrote in the newspaper, this shows how important work centered around peace and ethics is. The great paradox is that right outside the building where the theft took place, a peace pole stands with the inscription "May peace prevail on earth".

Here is a picture of what the fireplace looked like;


Opening of The East Gate / Welcome house

On the 27th of August 2012 represenatives from the working commitee got together for an unofficial opening of the East Gate. A lot of hard work have been put into the building and finally we were able to gather for a cup of coffee, kind words and share a symbolic cake.

It has taken roughly a year to build the house and we could not be happier. We want to give grand thanks to all who have helped us make it happen - family, neighbours, friends as well as carpenters - without such a wonderful collaboration between people this would not have been possible!


The East Gate

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A visit from Red Cross' international womens group

On the 12th of September 2012 we had a visit in the park from the Red Cross' international women's group. It was fun to be visited by this group of women from several countries and the two charming girls.

Other groups are more than welcome to come and visit!

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Inspirational visit to Ramme Gaard

On a wet summer day in June 2012 a couple of representatives from the Peace Park went on a "inspiration trip" to Ramme Gaard. We would among other things, watch some gardening solutions, cafe solutions, environmental solutions and how one outdoor theater and amphitheater works in a garden.

Our visit to Ramme Gaard was scheduled for the same weekend as Ramme Gaard's Shakespear Festival, which worked out wonderfully for us.

The farm is a wholly organic with an accompanying garden, guesthouse and cafe - which focuses on guest activities, courses, conferences and events. Ramme Gaard grow fresh vegetables for their own use, and the produce that the farm itself does not use is sold to restaurants. Ramme Gaard has a wonderful baroque garden with sculptures, ponds, fountains and many rare plants.

A visit to Ramme Gaard is highly recommended!

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Braavoll Peace Park is a non-profit project. Therefore, we invite individuals, groups and associations, businesses and the public to  contribute. Contributions may be in the form of practical help, financial assistance or expertise.