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Braavoll Peace Park wants to shine some light on the esteemed intrinsic properties which all religions, including humanism, share; these being the fundamental values which are cornerstones for human beings existence and development – such as unity in diversity, righteousness, equality, respect, acceptance, love and so much more.

The purpose of the Peace Park is to create a spiritual space in time, where visitors can pursue inner peace whilst experiencing the true beauty that lies behind all religions. Here visitors can come to experience and then understand the principals which underlie interpersonal peace and the importance of being in harmony with nature. The park will highlight aspects of peace from many faiths and religions within the same area.

The park's development will be founded by the people which at any time wish to be of help, be it with practical work, expertise in various fields or economically. 





Braavoll Peace Park is a non-profit project. Therefore, we invite individuals, groups and associations, businesses and the public to  contribute. Contributions may be in the form of practical help, financial assistance or expertise.