Opening of The East Gate / Welcome house

On the 27th of August 2012 represenatives from the working commitee got together for an unofficial opening of the East Gate. A lot of hard work have been put into the building and finally we were able to gather for a cup of coffee, kind words and share a symbolic cake.

It has taken roughly a year to build the house and we could not be happier. We want to give grand thanks to all who have helped us make it happen - family, neighbours, friends as well as carpenters - without such a wonderful collaboration between people this would not have been possible!


The East Gate


 Mariann Aalvik, Helga Lid Ball, Karen Folgen, Brit Weisz and Jostein Aalvik


Our symbolic cake - where we see beautiful roses emerges from a rough tree trunk, with the peace pole in the back reading "May Peace Prevail On Earth"




Braavoll Peace Park is a non-profit project. Therefore, we invite individuals, groups and associations, businesses and the public to  contribute. Contributions may be in the form of practical help, financial assistance or expertise.