A visit from Red Cross' international womens group

On the 12th of September 2012 we had a visit in the park from the Red Cross' international women's group. It was fun to be visited by this group of women from several countries and the two charming girls.

Other groups are more than welcome to come and visit!

Gerd Torunn Gundersen wrote the following on Kamelenkvinnenes homepage:

"today we visited the Peace Park and it was absolutely amazing. We had a great tour and heard all about the plans. The exhibition of the children's drawings made ​​quite an impression. Several of us bought cards portraying these nice children's drawings. We brought coffee and tea and something to snack on and Mariann told us more about the Peace Park. We would like to send out a great Thanks to Mariann for a great evening and we would love to come again. "


The girls found many drawings they liked in the children's art exhibition! (Bilde© Ida Aalvik)




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