Don't know what the word 'dugnad' means? Well, just to set the scene for this post, this is what wikipedia has to say about the matter: "Dugnad is a Norwegian term for voluntary work done together with other people. In a tradition similar to that of barn raising, community members meet to help an individual, or club members meet to build a clubhouse or get necessary jobs done for a family in need.Participation in a dugnad is often followed by a common meal, served by the host.

Dugnad activity in Norway has been reduced in recent years as a result of structural individualism. Some social groups attend to the tradition. In urban areas, the dugnad is most commonly identified with outdoor spring cleaning and gardening in housing co-operatives. Dugnader occur more widely in remote and rural areas. Neighbours sometimes participate during house or garage building, and organizations may arrange annual dugnader. The dugnad is similar to the talkoot in Finland."

Throughout the year and previous years, we have held 'dugnader' in the park, where we have invited people to come and make an effort. It has been, and is, an exciting creative process to see a "rough" piece of land be transformed into something quite different.

We thank all those who have participated and look forward to work together with you again!

Below we can see a selection of images that have been taken on some of the dugnads.





Braavoll Peace Park is a non-profit project. Therefore, we invite individuals, groups and associations, businesses and the public to  contribute. Contributions may be in the form of practical help, financial assistance or expertise.