European Leadership Conference (ELC) :Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future

On the 21st of September 2012 the UN's International Day of Peace was marked with a two-day conference in Oslo, and two representatives from Braavoll Peace Park attended this conference.

For the fifth year in a row has the Universal Peace Federation's (UPF) norwegian branch, together with Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) marked the International Day of Peace. This year's event was in the form of a two-day European management conference - European Leadership Conference (ELC), and the UN's theme for the conference was; Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future.

Sustainable peace or lasting peace, require a number of criteria, and the intention of the conference was to highlight some of them. Through sessions with widely varying themes and several speakers, many important issues were presented and commented.

A wonderful conference with a high and broad competence level among the presenters.

(A more detailed description of the conference can be found on the Universal Peace Federation's website.)

Here is a small excerpt from the conference's second session;

SESSION II: Youth - Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Peace

The topic discussed in this session was how lasting peace is difficult to achieve without a global and holistic awareness among the residents of the World. If all cling to their own special interests will hope for enduring peace be small. How can we promote a global consciousness? (Moderator for this session was Bogdan Pammer, UPF youth)

DSC 1834

Speakers for this session was;

Hilde Ekeberg, National Director, Youth for Understanding

Nassima Dzair, Youth leader, International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations ("think globally and act locally")

Irene Incerti, Chair “Ung Dialog” and representative from UPF Youth

Sarah Ben-Ammar, UPF project coordinator and social worker, Finland

The 'Youth Dialogue Project' is a tool for communication between people from different religions. Communication and dialogue works together to create understanding and peace.

Here is a complete list of all the topics discussed throughout the conference;

SESSION I: A new Vision for Sustainable Peace

SESSION II: Youth - Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Peace

SESSION III: Our Spiritual Traditions and Sustainable World Peace

SESSION IV: Human Rights – a Necessity for Sustainable Peace

SESSION V: Contributing to Sustainable Peace between Israelis and Palestinians

SESSION VI: Human Security and Sustainable Peace

SESSION VII: Peace Loving Nations retaining Military Strength- a Prerequisite for Sustainable Peace?

SESSION VIII: Peacemakers - Norway’s Global Role for Peace




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