Inspirational visit to Ramme Gaard

On a wet summer day in June 2012 a couple of representatives from the Peace Park went on a "inspiration trip" to Ramme Gaard. We would among other things, watch some gardening solutions, cafe solutions, environmental solutions and how one outdoor theater and amphitheater works in a garden.

Our visit to Ramme Gaard was scheduled for the same weekend as Ramme Gaard's Shakespear Festival, which worked out wonderfully for us.

The farm is a wholly organic with an accompanying garden, guesthouse and cafe - which focuses on guest activities, courses, conferences and events. Ramme Gaard grow fresh vegetables for their own use, and the produce that the farm itself does not use is sold to restaurants. Ramme Gaard has a wonderful baroque garden with sculptures, ponds, fountains and many rare plants.

A visit to Ramme Gaard is highly recommended!

And heres a couple of pictures from Ramme Gaard.




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