In the midst of a world strongly characterized by confl ict, injustice and natural catastrophes, human beings are prone to losing hope for a better future. Enormous powers can easily overshadow the positive forces around us. These forces are often the result of the will and efforts of individual people who want to do something. The power an individual can exercise by holding on to fundamental principles has proved to contribute to global effects. On our farm at Bråvoll, we have been inspired to join the positive forces, and the idea of a peace park on our property was conceived.

Ways to approach the concept of peace are many. We have therefore, amidst a huge flow of information, sought within ourselves to find what we understand the concept of peace to mean, and which aspects we want to lay the park’s foundation on.




Braavoll Peace Park is a non-profit project. Therefore, we invite individuals, groups and associations, businesses and the public to  contribute. Contributions may be in the form of practical help, financial assistance or expertise.